Stress free

Are you stressed? Is it work related, family, friends, financial, ailments, body weight? Its a pity. But never mind, whatever it is, its gonna be alright. Just do this;

Take a glass of cold clean water

Find a queit place, be there, sit ,think and rethink about your problem, how it started and why its there now, you will get answers.

Take a deep breath, then breath out gently, do that severally as answers to your questions flow in.

Think now of the solutions to come out of that, pray if you can, and even if you can’t pray, relaxxxxx, God knows us all.

Can u sing a sweet song slowly quietly and softly,, sing your favourite, as you sing, try to cheer yourself believing everything will be fine.

Try your best to think of good stuff, if you a parent, think about the beauty of your children, if yo married think of the first you met yo spouse and during the unforgettable days of infatuation just before reality and adjustments came in…… oohhhh,, mine was a crazy one , fun, fun, fun,, ooopsss, those were the days.

I guess by now theriz tht soft smile on yo face,, take another glass of water before we go for another session of how to” cool off steam!”


A volcanic rock

I picked this piece of the volcanic rock just below the muhabura mountains , it’s another precious stone because it contains augite crystals

You need many more of these stones/rocks, just come to me , I could get you tonnes of them.

The Muhabura Volcanic Mountain Range in Africa.

The Muhabura Volcanic Mountain range.

Oh how beautiful it looks and feels when one is pretty closer. The cool breeze that hit me this time in that drizzle as i stopped to take this beautiful scenery with my phone , hahaha , it was all just amazing. Iam getting an idea of buying lots of warm douves and jackets and boots and blankets and take them to the settlers in this part of Africa but Alas !! my wallet is light. hahaha

But hey every one who loves nature , beautiful land scape, hehe, “sights and sounds” , should and must come and visit this part of Africa and get the view of the giant mountain gorillas and never mind , I could be your tour guide u know even though iam a lady, haha, come one come all!!!!!

The Virunga Mountain Ranges .

The Virunga Mountains between Rwanda and Uganda.

I was almost at the base of these beautiful volcanic mountain ranges located between Rwanda and Uganda. As i got closer via a beautiful town called Ruhengeri in Rwanda, i begun to get these attractive beautifully shaped hand work of ” The Bigger than all The Big!”the creator of the heavens and the earth, God , wow, He really made some tremendous incredible job in this land. Amazing!!

And as for myself , i said in myself that i couldn’t miss taking this photo using atleast my phone despite that obstruction of those rails where i stood , i loved what i saw

These are three mountain ranges from the left; Sabinyo which has its serrated summit tht is shaped like teeth which is why it is called sabinyo from ‘ ebinyo’ in runyarwanda the common language language spoken in this part of Africa.

Sabinyo is 3,669m high , hopefully we could handle climbing it to the top and see the cute mountain gorillas together if u came to visit this part of Africa….hahaha

This slightly shorter one is called Mount Gahinga which is 3,474m and a dormant volcano

And now , the third one is the highest of the three. Mount Muhabura which is 4,127m high located more closer to Uganda and as you are yet to see , I got pretty closer to it as I came closer to Kyanika boarder trying to get my way back to Uganda where iam from. Check it more clearly in my next post

However , it’s just a beautiful world!!!

“Go Fish!” Hmmn, that’s what we call it here in Uganda, you love it?, just come and look for me, hihi, I will take you around our Kampala city and show u the great and mighty stuff we gat, hihi, you love fresh fish, fried, grilled, boiled, fillet or even raw, just come, see this yourself, it’s an affordable ” pick and play”, in different restaurants here in kampala ,whatever size u want tht day, fresh, alive and kicking and swimming, the beauty of this fish moving in this water just makes u want it immediately, this fish looks so innocent when you have a close look at it, it has it’s full life but hey, yo yet to show it yo true colours by just telling it ‘yo the one i came for today!”catch it and enjoy yoself!

Lemigo hotel in Kigali Rwanda, this is one of the best hotels to sleep in while in Rwanda, the facilities are all first class, the meals just make you salivate especially that time of dinner before you get to that table of different dishes with yummy looking food,,, ahhhh, travel with Rwanda air and sleep in this place especially on a cool Saturday night when there’s that life ressurecting live band of beautiful voices in Rwanda, seated next to that beautiful swimming pool , hmmn, if it wasn’t a cold night then, I would have entered that water and swim for some hours as I watched tht band, Goddddd, life is beautiful, try Lemigo and u will nt regret, it worth the cash spending!