I want to talk/ write about rejection in people. Rejection is worst experience that anyone would wish to face/ suffer in life.

Have you ever been rejected by anyone in any way for any reason? Then you know what iam talking about. It’s that bad attitude that the world gives you when you try to stand out and be part of the world.

The majority take rejection as a spirit, for those who believe in spirits but in my own opinion i describe as a bad attitude from fellow people towards you.

Many are the times i have been rejected by friends, family members, bosses and many categories of people but does this mean iam possessed with this ugly spirit of rejection? No, I never believe that. 

  • Iam sure that not all people in the world can accept and love you for who you are, unfortunately that’ s not how it works. It’s just your perception about things that keeps you moving but not people’ s attitude. For “those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t mind! Is that my principle, oh yes it is and this builds me on a daily basis in life.However, its a two way path, the issue behind the topic today is ” how do yoi deal with rejection if you feel rejected? What is your attitude towards different kinds of people like?” I had another principle ” my attitude is based on how you treat me?” May be i was right but like serious how about how i treated others.  Anyway, whichever way it done, rejection is bad and builds only negativity to the ones affected because they will always feel not wanted especially if it’s by the ones you love and trust. Let’s all love one another, help where we can, support each other and fight and reject the ” spirit of rejection!”For you and me we both love to be loved.
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