Are you stressed? Is it work related, family, friends, financial, ailments, body weight? Its a pity. But never mind, whatever it is, its gonna be alright. Just do this;

Take a glass of cold clean water

Find a queit place, be there, sit ,think and rethink about your problem, how it started and why its there now, you will get answers.

Take a deep breath, then breath out gently, do that severally as answers to your questions flow in.

Think now of the solutions to come out of that, pray if you can, and even if you can’t pray, relaxxxxx, God knows us all.

Can u sing a sweet song slowly quietly and softly,, sing your favourite, as you sing, try to cheer yourself believing everything will be fine.

Try your best to think of good stuff, if you a parent, think about the beauty of your children, if yo married think of the first you met yo spouse and during the unforgettable days of infatuation just before reality and adjustments came in…… oohhhh,, mine was a crazy one , fun, fun, fun,, ooopsss, those were the days.

I guess by now theriz tht soft smile on yo face,, take another glass of water before we go for another session of how to” cool off steam!”